Standing for Freedom

36" x 36" Gallery Wrapped Canvas. Prints also available. 12" x 12" $50. 20" x 20" $85.

This beautiful piece was created for a fundraising auction to help offer support to Ukranian Families that were being placed in my community. The blue colour was purposeful, in resemblance of the Ukrainian flag.

As I watched the heartache, loss and distruction of the Ukranian people, their lives, their homes, and their country, my heart broke...and yet I saw such resillience and bravery amongst them.

Throughout history the "Horse" has been a symbol of courage and freedom. This majestic animal often represents power, independence, endurance, triumph, heroism and strength. Ironically, these animals are also used in therapy to help people process various types of trauma.

I pray that the Ukranian people will experience all of these heroic things, along with great comfort and healing.

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