Autumn Blaze

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40" x 60" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

We are all moved by the beauty of Autumn and this stunning, textural piece certainly reflects those bright, warm autumn colours

But this year I was intrigged by much more than that.

One day while out walking, I noticed the "warts" on some leaves... I noticed holes in some, probably eaten by some insect... but even with all their imperfections, there was something beautiful about them. Those different markings made them more interesting. I also noticed that the leaves on the ground were not as vibrant or supple as those still connected to the trees. They became more dried out, cracked and brittle the longer they were separated from the tree.

These were life lessons for me. In my spiritual life, I am more healthy and vibrant, when I am connected to my Creator, my source of life. Sometimes circumstances in our lives can leave us feeling like we have been robbed or stripped of something...there are holes. But even with all our warts, cracks and bruises, we can choose to allow those experiences to shape us. We are still beautiful creations and we can still bring beauty into the world around us.

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