He Will Provide

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48" x 60" Gallery Wrapped Canvas. Prints Available 11" x 14" $50., 20" x 24" $100.

Many of my paintings evolve from the processing of my thoughts. This particular painting was created out of a desire to paint a "visual reminder" for myself, that God WILL provide.

In the bible, there is a story about a man who wanted to live hislife to honor God. He had lived long enough to see and experience some of Gods ways, but imagine what was going on in Abraham's mind when he was taking his son, and wood for a fire, up the mountain to ffer a sacrifice to God. Imagine your son asking you "Dad, where is the lamb for the sacrifice?"i

After all that Abraham and his wife had been through... waiting and longing for children for such a long time, who would have ever imagined that now he would even consider offering back to God, the very thing he had longed for, and had been given. Abraham is being obedient to do what he feels God has called him to do.... even though he does not know the end result.

Was he full of fear... questioning... thinking the worst?? He steadfastly continued on in what he felt called to do.

Thoughout his life in scripture, Abraham had received several promises from God. God promised him land, numerous descendants, blessings "for" him and his descendents, and blessing "through" him for all nations. Abraham had already experienced one promise of God, but not without a very long wait.

Maybe you can relate. Have you been waiting for so long.... praying for, and desiring something in your life that does not seem to be coming to fruition?

In the end, God provides a ram in the thicket for Abraham to sacrifice on the alter.

This painting is a reminder to me, that I can trust God. He is with me and He WILL provide..... in His time.

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