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36" x 36"

Have you ever been disappointed, treated unfairly, betrayed or abused?

Often these circumstances in our lives cause us to want revenge, karma, etc.  The reality is that often the one(s) that offended us carry one like nothing happened. So why do "we" still hurt?

We have to come to the point of understanding that we can only control our own reactions & responses.  When we choose to hang onto a hurt, it binds us up, causes resentment and works like a cancer within, eating away at us.  If we choose to let go and forgive (which doesn't mean you forget or all those feelings just go away), but it releases "us" from the tortuous prison we remain in when we stay bound in our pain-filled memories.

The lower portion of this sculptural painting depicts the tight, bound, constricted results of not letting go of something that is out of our control. As we choose to let it go - even if it seems unfair - we start to feel release and freedom for ourselves.

"FORGIVENESS, The prisoner that it REALLY frees is YOU"

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