Hi. I'm Heather Lockhart.

I live in Sarnia ON and have been married to my high school sweetheart for over thirty-seven years. Our beautiful family has grown to seventeen , including our three daughters, their husbands and our nine grandchildren.

I re-discovered my love of art and painting after raising my family.

My passion is to express meaningful thoughts or moments of my life, through the use of colour and texture, in unique abstract acrylic mixed media paintings.

When I'm operating at my best, my work is my prayer. It comes out of the same place that prayer comes from: the center, the heart.
Matthew Fox, Ph. D.

My work has been exhibited at Sarnia's First Friday Events, Artwalk, Gallery in the Grove, The Lawrence House Gallery and Art at the Lake. I recently exhibited at The Elaine Fleck Gallery in Toronto ON and I am also an exhibiting artist for Savvy Art Market in Oakville ON.

When I'm not painting, I enjoy spending time with my family, riding motorcycles, hanging out at the beach or pool, singing, travelling and entertaining in my home.

My Story

It all started during a conversation with my new friend "Jayne", she was sharing her interest in water colour painting. As she was talking, my mind was drawn back to my long forgotten love of art and painting. It was that very moment that sparked my interest to pursue it again.

Unsure of what I wanted to paint, but drawn to some forms of abstract, I decided to google "abstract images." As I scrolled through thousands of pictures I printed off each one that I was attracted to. One day, I took my file of printed images and laid them out on a table. I asked myself, "What is it that you like about these images?" As I mused over the pictures, one of the web addresses caught my eye. I suddenly realized that many of the images I had printed were from the same web address/artist.

The Last Laugh by Michel Keck Excitement overtook me!  I quickly googled the artist. Her name was Michel Keck. I was intrigued as I looked at her abstract acrylic work. I still did not understand what was drawing me to this style  – or even how to understand abstract art. I selected one image and studied it, but I just wasn’t understanding it! I decided to look at the title.... "The Last Laugh." As I pondered over the title and continued to examine the piece, I suddenly saw it! It was a painting of the open tomb! "The Last Laugh!" I squealed with excitement. "Jesus had the last laugh, when He rose from the dead.  He had gained victory over sin, death and the grave!"  I was so excited, the hair was standing up on my arms.  Not only had I been drawn back to art and painting – a past love of mine – I was drawn to an artist, who had the same passion and spiritual connection that I did.  I was totally inspired.

I now knew what I wanted to paint! I wanted to paint with passion, and with a purpose!

My passion and purpose is to glorify God through my life and my work.

Interestingly, not very far into my new venture, insecurities mounted causing much fear and resistance in being able to create. I am grateful for my dear friend and fellow artist Natalie Salminen Rude (https://nataliesalminen.com/) for her encouragement and inspiration. She reminded me that the Almighty Creator God has formed me, and He has placed this gift within me.

I must use it in response to Him.

As you view my website, I pray that you are inspired and encouraged as much as I have been.